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So it’s been a 6 months journey of marriage without a single pregnancy when my husband woke me up one dawn to talk to me.

Tracy, there is something I want you to do, or, this marriage cannot hold. He said.

With a pierce in my heart and a scare in it’s beats, I sat up with rapt attention.

I’m all ears my husband. I nervously said.

Good! It is obvious this your womb, cannot make babies, and for that matter, I have lied to my friends and family, that, I ain’t ready to make babies now due to my financial instability. He said.

Okay. How do I come in here my love? I inquired in a sad voice.

The rule is simple! Just keep your mouth shut about your inabilities. I don’t want my family nor my friends, to think that, I made the wrong choice of a life partner. Act accordingly, and never in your life tell anybody you cannot conceive. Is that clear? He demanded.

A slow tear dropped off my already miserable cheek as I nodded in agreement.

Unapologetically, he pulled the blanket over his body and slept off.

What else could I have done than to pray without ceasing?

He one day closed earlier than usual from work and met me kneeling before the bed in tears of prayer.

“God Almighty, just hear my prayer and give me the fruit of the womb. Just bless me this last, and never bless me again” I said.

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Bingo! He screamed on top of his voice. I knew you couldn’t obey a simple LAW!
Did I or did I not tell you to keep your mouth shut over your barrenness? What then are you doing right now?

I jumped up on my feet on hearing the scream and began to look around me.

Is he seeing someone with me that I am not? I thought for a second.

My love, I wasn’t talking to anybody nor making a phone call. I was only praying to God. I explained.

Talking to God indeed! What difference does that make? Is he not capable of revealing that secret to your supposed spiritual father in your church? He rhetorically questioned.
You know what? He asked. This marriage is over!

My strength to stand failed me. The voice to plead went dead and the heart to accommodate the news missed beats.

I woke up three days after, in a hospital with my family by my side. Indeed, I had been divorced.

What a law I couldn’t abide!
And then, God gives me 10 simple and flexible rules, and I sit down to complain?

You are lenient God! You are simple than a damn man or woman!

You alone, can maintain a relationship without impossible rules. I bless your holy name. I thanked in silence.

Let us obey, for that man above is teaches the best against our worst.

Scribed by Lincy

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    Really learnt a lot in everything we must give thanks to God

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