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                  EPISODE 13

And how will he take it if I confess my weakness for Jayjay to him? He thought further in fear.

Kwame had already started the car when Shirley changed up her mind.

Kwame please wait for me! She screamed and run out but he had angrily droven away.

Shirley several times called him but he refused to answer.

She swiftly called Jayjay to plead with her husband on her behalf to answer her calls.

Shirley, you are simply taking things for granted.
Your husband is trying everything possible to have his way with another woman and you keep giving him the room to operate.
Why in the first place did you rescind your decision of coming with him to my place? Simply to avoid me, right? He scolded.

Shirley, listen carefully, you are fighting ghosts and it is an already lost battle for you. Instead of feeding your soul, you are busy wrestling and weakening it.
Isn’t it obvious, your desires for me are too strong? If you can resist me, would you have allowed me see your hairy pussy? Come on, face reality and stop being childish! And who even told you, I can have my way with you when your husband is here? He questioned.

Jayjay please, enough of the blame games. Just call and tell him, I am on my way to your place. She pleaded and dressed up to Jayjay’s house.

Ohemaa locked herself up in her room and switched off her phone.

In few minutes, Shirley arrived.

Jay, did you get him on phone? She worriedly asked.

Yeah, he is on his way here. He replied and offered her seat.

That long time? Jay, Kwame is cheating on me. She almost cried.

I guess you doubted me when I informed  you earlier.
This your marriage is almost collapsing and here you are, avoiding the only one who can mend it. He scolded.

Jay please help me. I don’t want to loose Kwame. She sadly pleaded.

You won’t baby girl, as long as I remain a friend. He assured.

Kwame soon walked in and sat down.

He looked tipsy and uncomfortable.

Jay my guy! He shook hands with him.

Charlie, I can see you are already treating your Saturday night well. Look at those reddened eyes. Jayjay teased.

Charlie, I had to get some bottles of beer to cool off. Kwame answered.

Shirley looked on sadly.

Neways man, your wife isn’t happy. She says you are seeing another woman. Jayjay manly confronted.

Slowly, Kwame turned to her direction and back to Jay.

And what if I am? He questioned.

Come on bro, don’t be mean. For God’s sake, you are married. Instead of wasting your energy on other women, why don’t you strengthen your home? You need to be nice to your wife, cos, she was there for you when you had nothing. Jayjay advised.

Enough of the plenty talk Jay! If you have any advice to issue, please give it to her.
The world isn’t stagnant, it keeps moving and she must follow suit. I need a sexy woman and not one timid long dresses wearer. I need a woman who can skill me in bed. Spare me the words, she needs them most. Kwame dismissed and got up.

Kwame please sit down! Jayjay pleaded.

No Jay, my supposed wife must heed to my words. She must be sexy overnight! I ain’t sleeping home tonight. I have already booked a hotel where I can ponder well over this marriage. If things do not change by tomorrow, I can’t continue with this marriage! He threatened and walked out on them.

Shirley burst into tears watching her husband leave.
She tried following him but Jayjay prevented her.

Shirley please sit down. You need to be strategic to have your husband back. Jayjay began.

First of all, getting sexy dresses isn’t the problem, but how to upgrade your skill in bed. Tell me Shirley, are you that timid? He questioned.

Jay, I don’t know. I do what I think is best. Trust me, I am trying. She tearfully replied.

Why don’t you learn more? He asked.

From where, Jay? She sadly asked.

Maybe, me. He softly responded and drew closer to her.

Jay please no. Not now. I am deeply troubled and hurting. She resisted.

The very reason why you need me. Shirley, please close your eyes and let this happen. You may learn one or two things to apply to your husband tomorrow. He softly convinced and started playing with her belly button.

Gently, he moved upwards to her chest and slid her fingers in between her boobs.


Shirley, you are not timid. Trust me, you didn’t marry right. You are beautiful and every man’s wish. If there isn’t Kwame, I assure you, there will be me to replace him. He softly convinced.

Shirley surged into his handsome fair arms and moaned to pleasure.

Gradually, he stripped her off her clothes, lifted her fragile body unto the bed and laid on top of her.

He licked her from the forehead to the mons pubis and Shirley kept her confused fingers gripped on Jayjay’s body.

Baby, can I lick you? He seductively asked.

Slowly, she nodded to agreement.

Jayjay opened her thighs and buried deep his tongue into her pussy.


He licked her wetness away and deeply penetrated her.

they both chorused to joy.

He fucked with speed and fondled her boobs at the same time.

Shirley weakly threw her head side to side.
Her body was warm and hair pussy secreted fluids of pleasure.

Jayjay placed her on her knees and hanged up on her raised butts.
Slowly, he entered her and swang his waist around.

His toes were firmly placed on the mattress, supporting his weight on her weak body.

Shirley gripped the sheets and pulled them into her mouth to tone her trembling voice down.

Jayjay spanked mercilessly and manly.

Forcefully, Kwame and Ohemaa opened the door and walked inn.

Ohemaa happily clapped at them and Jayjay got up and quickly wore his shorts.

Kwame angrily took pictures of Shirley’s naked self while she struggled to dress up in tears.

Kwame please don’t do this to me! She wailed.

Akua original Shirley! Jayjay’s unnecessary client! How pleasant it is to have once again crossed paths?
Wow! So, you are my fiance’s fiancee right? Ohemaa teased.

Please I didn’t know. I didn’t know he had a fiancee.
Kwame please stop taking the pictures. I can explain. She bitterly wept.

Unconcernly, Jayjay walked out on them into the washroom.

Kwame please! Please I can explain. She continually pleaded in her nakedness.

Please go ahead. I have all night. In a reddened eye, Kwame stated.

Kwame, I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. I got weaker every day by Jayjay’s presence. I tried to resist him but he kept coming closer. I’m sorry Kwame. Please have mercy on me. She explained in tears.

He kept coming and you kept hiding your emotions from me!
He kept coming and you kept falling for every move.
He kept coming and you kept enjoying his flirts.
Shirley, he kept coming and you allowed yourself to be fucked. Kwame angrily retorted.

Shirley, this marriage is over! If I see you anywhere around my house or the shop, I will release your naked pictures unto the internet. Is that understood? Kwame angrily warned.

And to you Jayjay, I thought you were a friend. I have nothing to tell you, I believe your fiancee here, will do the talking on my behalf.  He pretentiously added and walked out on them.

And what are you still kneeling down for? Get up and leave here! You cheap slot!
You think Jayjay is single to be snatched! A prostitute like you who can never get married. Ohemaa insulted and threw her clothes at her.

Ohemaa, you have no right to insult me! After all, you also have a husband in the States! Shirley argued.

Jayjay came out from the washroom in anger.

Shirley, please leave. I won’t stand here and watch you, disrespect my woman. He said.

Your woman? Jayjay, is that the promise you gave me? Didn’t you say, in Kwame’s absence, you will be there for me? She questioned in tears.

Shirley, it was a sexual psychosis! I only said that unconsciously.
How on earth can I be with a woman who can willingly cheat on her husband without a second thought? Jayjay asked.

Oh wow! Jayjay, you think Ohemaa is any different? You think she is single? Shirley tried to explain but Ohemaa angrily pushed her out from the house.

Jayjay and Ohemaa both burst into laughter.

You acted smart Ohemaa. She mustn’t know, this is a set up, or else, she won’t grant the divorce your brother seek.

Exactly why I pretended you are my fiance. She won’t know, I am related to Kwame. It will be too late for her to find out.

Smart girl! Jayjay applauded.

But Jay, you too fucked her. That wasn’t the plan. I was right here behind the door, almost weeping.
As for Kwame, he couldnt stop crying. You seriously got me jealous. She nagged.

I’m sorry babes, but you know that is my signature. I don’t fuck for play, I make sure I leave my memories with people forever, whether they are happy or not. He explained.
Neways, can I make it up to you? He asked.

No Jayjay. Not now. She worriedly replied.

Come on Ohemaa, even if not penetrating you, something to at least calm you down. He stated and sat her in the couch.

Somewhat forcefully, he pulled down her panty and slid in, his two fingers.

He slowly fingered her in smiles and Ohemaa sadly licked her lips to the sweetness.

Talk to me baby, what is troubling you? He asked in the process.

Jay, I’m worried. She coldly stated.

What is it? He inquired.

My husband has never called me since I came back to Ghana, and he isn’t answering my calls either. I fear something bad has happened to him. She informed.

In minutes, he withdrew his fingers and licked them after Ohemaa had reached her peak.

We need to act fast, so you can go back to the States. Bestie, please stay strong, we are definitely winning this battle. He assured.

To be continued…



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