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A True Story by Miss Lincy Gyamfi, CEO, “Love & Relationship Mall” on Facebook


Sorry miss, I didn’t see you coming. He quickly apologised.

It’s alright. She smiled.

Nice set of teeth you’ve got. He complimented.

How much will you pay for complimenting someone’s future wife? She joked.

Do I have to pay, even when I know, I am that man? He said.

Ohemaa blushed for a while.

Do I see you blushing? He teased.

Noooo! She slurred.
How can I blush when I don’t trust you? She asked.

What can I do to earn this trust? He asked.

First of all, tell me your name, show me your house and convert your words into actions before my wedding comes off next week. She smartly responded.

You are getting married next week? He almost screamed in disappointment.

Yes I am. I am getting married to convenience instead of this love, standing before me. She sweet talked.

Will you call off that wedding if I ask you to? He asked.

If that is a proposal, then, it’s a yes. Pardon me, but I am one of the few people who believes in love at first sight. Ohemaa convinced.

And I wouldn’t be here asking you to call off your wedding if my belief is different from yours. He replied.
It’s early to say, baby girl, but I can’t help to let you know that, I’ve fallen in love with you. He confidently proposed.

Ohemaa bowed down her head to a silent thankful prayer.

Thanks for letting me know, handsome. And I do as you do.
Neways, it’s time to catch my flight. She replied.

Catching your flight without a commitment, means that, you are running into the arms of my opponent. He nagged.

What do you suggest I do? She turned and asked.

Cancel your flight if really, you feel what I feel. He suggested.

Wow! I admire your boldness. Few minutes ago, you cancelled my wedding with your soothing proposal and here you are, cancelling my flight as well. She spoke.
How will you make it up to me considering how women cherishes weddings even when they are not in love?

What about a court wedding within this week? I am a court registrar and I can break protocols to make that happen. He suggested.

Without even knowing your name? She happily inquired.

Call me Frederick Woe, a Fante whose heart is hardly wooed. He introduced.

Well Fred, until the wedding comes off between us, I will find it difficult to believe you. She dared.

After several minutes of talking, Ohemaa agreed to cancel her flight.
Surely and truly, Fred desperately wedded her legally within the week.

Ohemaa couldn’t hide her joy.

She asked permission to travel back to the States on Saturday to inform her family members about him.

That’s alright Ohemaa, but please make sure, you don’t run into the arms of that man. Make sure to avoid him, please. Fred warned.

I will my husband. Thanks for being this understanding. She responded.

Ohemaa bought a ticket and Fred escorted her to the airport.
She happily boarded her flight and in few minutes, they took off.

She reached out for her phone in her hand bag to check the messages she’s received, maybe, Leo might have sent a word.
Quickly, she realized, her newly married husband, has bolted away with all the money in her bag. Over one million dollars.

Really? So he was not stupid after all? A thief? No wonder he desperately married me. She thought.
Interesting, for how long will he live to enjoy that money, now that, he is my husband? She further thought and smiled.

In some hours, she arrived in the United States and took an Uber home.

Leo was sipping wine and at the same time typing on his laptop.

Immediately he saw Ohemaa, he jumped up on his feet.

Leo, you are alive! She happily ran to hug him.

Come on, hug me back! Why are you looking like, you ain’t happy to see me? She asked.
Or you think I will fail you? Well, guess what? I am married to another man as planned. And guess one funny thing, he is a smart and intelligent thief. She playfully added.

Baby who is there? A female voice asked from the bedroom.

Fearfully, Ohemaa turned to Leo.

Baby? Leo, who is that calling you baby? She questioned.

My wife. He simply answered.

Just then, the woman with his kids walked out to them.

Do we have a visitor? Leo’s wife questioned.

No, she’s rather a passerby. Leo replied.

Ohemaa began to weaken.

Somebody tell me what is going on! She screamed.

Exactly what you see, Ohemaa. This is my wife and my two kids. He explained.

Wife? Leo, I thought you said your wife is dead? She screamed questions out.

That’s right Ohemaa. My wife dies every three years till I find another wife to sacrifice for my riches. And immediately I find one, my real wife, resurrects from death. Leo teased.

In simple terms, you and your wife planned to sacrifice me for rituals? Ohemaa fearfully stammered.

Such smartness. Leo’s wife complimented.

That’s one thing I admire about you, dear Ohemaa. You are so smart! Leo complimented too.
Anyway, that’s exactly what it means. I wouldn’t be telling you all these if you didn’t push me to.

Leo, so you mean, everything you and the spiritual master told me were lies? She questioned in a flood of tears.

Not only us, but also, the stranger you met in the plane on our way back from India. He confessed.
I knew you might have a second thought about divorcing me and getting married to another man, therefore, I used that stranger, who happens to be my fellow ritualist, to enforce my claims. He told you exactly what you needed to hear at the right time. If I hadn’t planted him against you, that time, you would have changed your mind.

You know what Ohemaa, I always knew you were smart and wicked, the day you used Shirley’s phone to send me a text. Oh, you think I didn’t know it was you? I knew right from the word go! And guess why I decided to use you instead of her. You mentioned the word betrothe. And ritualists, do not need such people. Therefore, I decided to use you instead.

Why did you think I went ahead to marry you even though I knew almost all the staff had slept with you? Really, I had my agenda.

If you and Shirley could kill Mike, to cover a damn secret, I can as well use you to get rich! What were you thinking? That, I didn’t know it was you? Nothing can be hidden from a ritualist like me! Leo confessed.

Ohemaa felt like vanishing but there were no wings.

Leo, I swear to deal with you! I swear to tell your secret to the world! She threatened.

That is if, you will leave here sane! You are few minutes away from being mad. No woman, born of a man, hears all these secrets and stay normal. Begin shouting, cos you are mad already. He teased.

And please, even in your madness, stay safe for me. Dying soon, will mean that, I have to go over the whole cycle of divorcing my wife and marrying another fool. It is stressful. At least, live for ten years. He teased.

Instantly, Ohemaa began to rub her hands in her hair.
She tore her clothes apart and began to scream on the streets.

With the help of Ohemaa’s phone, Leo provided the police with the information they needed, thus, Kwame’s contact address.

Ohemaa was deported back to Ghana to his brother, Kwame.

Ohemaa, whether you are mad or not, listen carefully to me! I can’t live under the same roof with a witch like you! He insulted.

Days later, in the night, Kwame drove Ohemaa to Gambaga witches camp, dumped Ohemaa behind one of their buildings and drove back to the city to focus on his life.


Live not to please the flesh but the soul, for sin, has no place in heaven.

To be naked is not necessarily to be sexy, but most often, to be unconsciously mad.

James 4:4
You adulterous people, don’t you know that, friendship with the world means, enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be friends with the world, becomes an enemy of God.


Written by Lincy Gyamfi,
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